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Shamanic Classes and Workshops

Individual Shamanic Healing

(1+ hrs)  In the shamanic view, illness originates on the spiritual level. A shamanic practitioner works on this spiritual level to bring healing and information. The aim is to bring more harmony and wholeness to the patient. Methods may include; singing, drumming, rattling, crystal work, smudge, silence, inspirational channeling, chakra balancing, and more.  Each session is catered toward the individual's comfort level, preferences, and needs.
*Shamanic work may bring healing to the physical, mental, and emotional aspects but it is not a substitute for conventional psychotherapy or Western medicine. Psychotherapy and Western medicine are also no substitute for shamanism as their focus is only on the physical and mental aspects. 

Cacao Ceremonies

(4+ hrs): tailored to the group attending. Usually includes singing, drumming, sharing, and deep relaxation w/ option for sound healing with Crystal bowls etc.

Women's Rite of the Womb Ceremony

(2hrs): A beautiful shamanic ceremony that helps women heal their 2nd chakra/womb/creative center. Each ceremony is tailored to the group; all ceremonies are interactive and involve sharing in a confidential circle. Each ceremony includes the basic “passing of the Rite”. Participants will also learn how to pass the Rite to others. This is a very elegant, gentle yet powerful ceremony. Many women choose to repeat the ceremony.

Creating Ceremony

(2hrs): Discussion on the importance of ceremonies, both “high ceremony” and every day ceremonies, and how to create them. This is great for yoga teachers so they can create ceremony with every class they teach.

Spirits of Place

(2-4hrs): Learn about the oversoul of locations and how to communicate with them.

Basic Shamanic Journey Method

(3 hours with a mid-way break): Learn the basics about Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying. Includes ethics, safety, process, and guidance on creating journey questions.

Shamanism: Classes
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