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Beyond Yoga

Individual Reiki Session

(1hr) Give yourself the gift of deep relaxation and powerful healing transmission of Reiki.  Reiki healing works by creating balance in the energetic fields that connect the physical, mental, spiritual, and other dimensions of an individual. By creating balance in these fields, the physical, mental, and spiritual layers are also healed. Clients report quicker physical recovering, dissolving of emotional blocks, and a deeper sense of connection with their communities and Spirit.

Energy Hygiene

(2-3 hours): Course on managing and maintaining your Energy body. Covers energy hygiene for the body, objects, and space around you. Practice methods of energy hygiene such as meditations, pranayama, cleansing objects, and clearing space.

Full Moon Ceremonies (Women Only)

(monthly, 2hrs per ceremony): Women only. Ceremony that incorporates yoga, meditation, and other activities that follow the astrological theme of the full moon.

Yoga with Reiki

(1.5hrs): Typically Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra with deep guided meditation and Reiki throughout the practice. Sound Healing available.

Sound Healing

 (full sessions or add to any workshop): Full set of crystal singing bowls, vocalizations, drumming/rattling, and silence are used for deep healing.

Energy: Classes
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